Sunday, June 26, 2011

Therapy dogs of Mumbai

Many dogs like me are trained to pick up the newspaper from the front door in the morning. But how many dogs get to see their photo in the paper? I am one of the lucky ones who is featured in a leading newspaper ' Mumbai Mirror'. But its not just me, my other team mate, my fellow therapy dogs who are providing comfort to those in need, all through Mumbai are also featured in this article. We are Animal Angels Foundation - Therapy dogs team, Mumbai.

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I heard my mom (my human mom - Mrs. Srivastava) saying that she was proud of me and that she has kept the cuttings of all the articles that I have been featured in till now. I don't really see the point of newspapers, as we dogs just bark and or wag tails to spread the news and lick or sniff to get the latest news. My fellow therapy dogs - Coco, - a handsome Lab, Oscar - a gorgeous Golden Retriever, and Aekon - a dashing chololate Lab are also featured in the article.

Coco is one of our new team mates who has already worked with kids who find it difficult to read or adjust emotionally. He may seem to be a big dog, but he is extremely gentle. Like the paper says, he's also very intuitive about even the slightest emotional changes. Be it his owners or the kids with whom he works. If he sees you feeling low, he will snuggle by you can stick with you till you feel better. He has also volunteered as a reading buddy at some of our 'Tails of Joy' p. He surely is a promising therapy dog.

Aekon is now a senior therapy dog. He has been visiting the hearing impaierd children since the past three years. He can connect with the kids on a level where humans can't. Being dogs, we don't need language, words, phrases to communicate. We can understand a child who cannot hear or talks in broken words. He may be laughed at by other kids, but Aekon will always wag his tail for him. The emotional support and the environment of acceptance that Aekon provides this kids help them open up and enjoy their life. Aekon has also visited children with Cerebral Palsy. A great fan of fetch, Aekon never gets tired of running after and picking up the ball, even if the child is not able to hold the ball or throw the ball properly. Playing with Aekon encourages the children to use their hands and legs to their maximum ability.

I have heard of many owners who complain about how their dogs go crazy at the sight of a book or paper and tear it up. But have you heard of a dog who sits quietly in front of a book and who helps kids read?! Oscar the gorgeous Golden Retriever is our ' Reading Buddy' who visits book stores and schools and helps children with reading/learning problems. The best thing about reading out to Oscar is that he does not laugh at the kids when they make mistakes. The kids love to lie down on his belly and read. Some times Oscar puts a paw on a page to keep it from flipping over. He helps children read diffucult spellings or understand the meaning of a sentence.

If you are a dog, healthy and clean, if you love to be with people, love being petted, if you can understand people in need, if you never get tired of playing and if you have the ability to bring a smile on the face of every person who meets you, then contact me. We need dogs like you to spread love. You get to be with your family plus you get to make people in need happy.

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