Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am Goldie

You may have heard of Dog being a man’s Best Friend, but have you heard of Dog as a man’s therapist?

Well, I am Goldie, a four year old Golden Retriever and I am a trained Therapy Dog! You guys must have heard of a Police dog or a watch dog but do you know what Therapy dog is?

We work as co-therapists with our human companions and together we help many people heal emotionally. I cuddle up with a boy who may be sad and bring a smile back on his face. I can lick a sick lady and make her feel better. A wag of my tail can lift the spirits of a lonely elderly person. A game of fetch with me can encourage a spastic child to pick up a ball and play with me.

I symbolize hope, innocence and motivation to get a better life.

I am one of the first trained Therapy dogs of India. Kutty, a female Labrador is my senior. She is India’s first Therapy dog; and an award winning too. Now there are many more therapy dogs like us, here in India. And we all work for an organization called Animal Angels Foundation.

This is my blog where I will share with you some heart warming, inspirational and some hilarious stories of our journey with my four legged friends and human friends.

Visit our website to know more about me and my friends, and to know more about this “unique therapy”.

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